Adrixe Started his interest in photography since he was 13. He started with his father’s canon dslr film. playing around and taking photos. On 2007, Adrixe bought his first DSLR and started to get more into photography and started doing landscape photography. then in 2009, adrixe worked for Lifetouch Canada doing Portraits for school photos. That’s when he enjoyed interacting with kids and students and found the passion to photograph people instead of still life.

Adrixe’s Photography is driven by real interactions and moments he observes on your wedding day. He doesnt rely on trick lenses or gimmicks in photoshop to make a boring compositions interesting.
He finds emotions, light and color in that order and translates them into a beautiful record of the most important events in a couple’s life. His experience as a Photojournalist enables him to capture these photographs in high pressure and dynamic environments

His unobtrusive, warm personality enables his cpouples to be themselves and enjoy their day with friends and family without being stressed out by a pushy photographer with a flash in their face.Most recently, Adrixe started shooting Wedding videos too.