Q1. Who are you?

A: First of all, I am Adrian Nocon a.k.a. Adrixe. I was born and bred in the  Philippines where I have attained a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. Photography has always been my passion, but not until in 2007 when I began to consider turning my passion into a career. It was also on that same year that I migrated to Halifax Nova Scotia Canada together with my family. I am one of the few Halifax Wedding Photographers and Portrait Photographers

Q2. How did you start in Photography?

A: My interest in photography started as a hobby as many do but it never crossed my mind that I would make a living out of it. It was when I moved to Halifax that I saw the possibility of starting up my own photography business. During my early days as a ‘legit’ photographer I focused on shooting landscape but it did not give me the joy and satisfaction that I was looking for. Later on, I realized that photographing people is my calling. I absolutely love to capture people’s raw emotions by letting them express what they feel and who they are. The very first wedding that I worked as a wedding photographer was free of charge and I never looked back since then.

Q3.  What’s your personality like?

A: As an individual I am very laid back, easy to get along with, and somewhat . . . . . . . . . funny. As a photographer you’ll see a very different side of me. Don’t be too surprised when you see me lying down in the middle of the road or climbing up a tree. I would do anything just to get the perfect shot!

Q4. What’s your style?

A: By now you might already have a good idea of my approach to taking photos. I prefer to catch real moments and emotions rather than a forced smile. I am a firm believer in the saying “There are no rules for good photographs”. My style is very “PJ” Photojournalitic style of documenting your big day.

Q5. Do you have set poses?

A: I normally make my subject(s) do basic poses, but it also depends whether the poses would fit their personalities or not. Basic poses vary depending on the type of photo shoot (portrait, engagement, wedding). Often times I think on the spot and make use of what is available at the location.

Q6. Why you?

A: Simply because photography is my life. My dedication to photography develops first-rate photographs from a relaxed atmosphere of my photo shoot service.

Q7. What gear do you use?

A: Camera gears:
Canon 5D mark II full frame camera
Sigma 50mm f1.4
Canon 35mm f1.4L
Canon 24mm f2.8
Canon 35mm f2
Canon 70-200 f2.8IS L.
Canon 580exII (2pcs)
Studio lights (3 pcs)

Q8. Who Inspires you?

A: There are three answers to this: First, my girlfriend (Clyte) inspires me very much. Second, the couples that have been my clients. It is very inspiring to witness two people get married. I also find the thought of creating art from love very fascinating. Third, the talented wedding photographers whom I look up to. They inspire me to become the best that I can be and reach the same level of skills.