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Working as an SEO Specialist as my side job, I’ve help other wedding photographers from different cities reach first page rankings and improve their Online Marketing.

Why SEO?

Search Engine Optimization can help you in a lot of ways. People using google and other search engine to search for your services wont know about your site if you’re not visible in the first page. Most people only check the first page for what they are looking for. As for me, I’m a new Wedding Photographer in our city, don’t know anybody or friends from here. SEO got me all my clients since 2010. Being visible in the first page increases your chance to be viewed and visited by potential clients looking at different portfolios.

Why Me?

I’ve been doing SEO since 2009 and have worked for WEB.COM. I’ve learned a lot of tricks and knowledge to rank Local Business in the first page of google and other search engines. I’ve developed a unique way to build quality backlinks to get you to the first page within 1-3 months. My GUARANTEE to all my clients is within 1-3 months, you’ll be in the first page of google.


Here are some proofs of my work.

Halifax Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer Halifax

Wedding Photographers Halifax

Halifax Wedding Photographers

Vancouver wedding photographers

Vancouver Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer Vancouver

Denver Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer Denver

Denver Wedding Photographers

Ottawa Wedding Photographer

Ottawa Wedding Photography

Ottawa Wedding Photojournalist

Seattle Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photography Seattle

Wedding Photographers Seattle

How it Works?

First We’ll optimize your website based on the keywords you’d want to rank well. I will review and give suggestions to make chances to fully optimize your site. If you’re  not sure how to make the changes in your wordpress site, I can make them for you.

Once we’re done optimizing your site, I’ll give your ranking reports for our baseline. Then I’ll start building those links and get your rankings better.

How long to get 1st page rankings?

It really depends on the competition of your market. some site can reach 1st page rankings in a month, most of them 2nd month. and for really hard competition market 3 months. My guarantee is within the 1st 3 months 3 of your keywords will be in the first page. if not, I’ll continue to work on them and you dont have to pay till you’re there.

How Much?

The first month is$CAD 165 then $CAD125/mo to maintain rankings.

How to get started?

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