Valentine’s Day Giveaway Winner

Congrats to Krista and Josh!

Josh and Krista got Engaged on September 3rd 2011. Josh proposed to Krista while visiting him for the summer…Josh and Krista have been in a long distance relationship for the past 3 years. They met while on vacation in Mexico ( they were staying at the same resort) and since that moment they knew it was meant to be. Josh Lives in Fargo, North Dakota and krista being from Halifax they have been flying back and forth every 3 months to see one another for these past 3 years. This distance between them has made them so strong and has made them believe that anything is possible. While visiting Fargo for the first time back in 2009 Krista fell in love with this Gazebo in the city park, they would walk through this park every visit just so i could see ‘my” gazebo. While on one of these many walks though the park on September 3rd Josh brought krista into the center of this Gazebo and went down on one knee and asked krista to marry him. Im sure she said yes a million times. This Gazebo now has so much more meaning to Krista and for them, it was a day to remember. When love between two people is so strong there is no amount of distance that can keep them apart. For Josh and Krista this is so true.

I love their story and I’m so happy to be capturing their engagement session come june time! Congrats again and watch out for the engagement photos! 🙂

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